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First Single from the forthcoming release Red Light Juliet 3.



My whole world view
Is jaded and skewed
Most likely the byproduct
From the drugs I abused
I used to make myself believe
That I was meant for something greater
But then the weight of the world weighted
Me down bated my anger
And invaded any peace that I ever had
Made me a stranger to my mom and dad
Man created a creator
And told me that he's my savior
Wouldn't you look to the heavens
And pray to em that he saves ya
What a wonderful thought
So I did just that
A God could reach into your heart and push the bad back
And all you had to do was believe and accept that
I couldn't stand in his light I got that bad back
I got my bad back
Man I'm on that fast track
Train of thought
Amtrak, train your thoughts
Fingers crossed stand pat
I'm just the vessel that the darkness appoints
After I die show up in hell like I own the fucking joint and


Bury yourself in the earth
These are the holes that I dig and call home
In your mind where the darkness is birthed
I don't know about your demons
I'm at ease with my own
Bury yourself in the earth
In the land of the light
I'm the shadow in the crowd
What lines will you leave behind
When the world finally crosses you out
Crosses you out


I'll never win awards unless it's for the wards
I lived on if you cut my hair off you might see my horns
chose fate to be in control of my destiny
over an entity always dooming and never blessing me
I know exactly why I was put here to eat shit and drink beer
take your drugs and disappear
anticipate what it would take to make the great escape
get so high that on the way out you wear a cape
or you can stay here and deal with it hate so much you gotta love it
Your environment sucks so do you if you're a product of it
feels like there's nothing left to do here
but change the colors of the same old shit for the new year
what it is really isn't dont ya know it
look ahead not behind as above so below it
what I win everything you lose is mine to be found
including the hole in the sky you find in the ground



released January 4, 2015
Produced and Recorded by: Chris Bittner & Dirty Ern
Mixed by: Chris Bittner @ Applehead Recording
Artwork: Andreis Costa at Sweat Shop Studios


all rights reserved



Weerd Science Kingston, New York

Josh Eppard (Drummer of Coheed & Cambria) Hip Hop Side Project

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